Goat Milk Soap-The product that started it all

Goat Milk Soap-The product that started it all


Let’s start with our first product, Goat Milk Soap.


We started the whole journey by accident. We had horses and a foal that needed milk. When the vet suggested goats, I was all in! It was a big learning curve. At the end of the milking season, my freezer was full of this liquid gold. I thought the process and chemistry behind goat milk soap sounded interesting. I passed organic chemistry in college. How much harder can this soap thing be?? Not one to back away from a challenge, I became obsessed with making the best, most skin nourishing soap possible. 


What makes our goat milk soap so unique:

1. Goats Milk 

  • Provides alpha hydroxy, a gentle exfoliant
  • Small fat and protein molecule size survives the soap-making process better than other milk. So you get all that goodness in the finished product. 

2. Specially formulated recipes

  • My chemistry background allows me to adjust our recipes to tailor our products to the properties we seek. My goal was something gentle, mild, bubbly, and moisturizing. I feel we have exceeded my expectations.
  • dry, itchy skin-no more with our soap

3. Food Grade ingredients

  • We use only the best ingredients. Our oils are food grade. Of course, the soap is not tasty, but if you put good ingredients in, it improves your end product. 

4.10 years of soap making

  • While our recipe has remained the same over the years, we have learned much about soap making. We have also learned a lot about increasing our product and efficiencies. We do not want to run out of this beautiful soap!!

5. Our people

  • Our most valuable asset!! It takes a team to do all the steps to get a consistent quality soap. Each of our employees has been extensively trained and takes their job very seriously. We appreciate that so much and could not do it without them. 

Ready to give Rock Bottom Soap a try? My suggestion would be to try our Oatmeal soap. It is a goodness trifecta-handmade, goat milk, and oatmeal! Your skin will love it.

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