Chocolate Bark & Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

$ 6.00

We have 5 delicious kinds of chocolate bark from Cocoa Bean & Butter Chocolate Co and we're obsessed with how good it is! 

Dark Chocolate Almond Bark - the dark chocolate almond bark is packed full of butter roasted, sea salted almonds coated in rich and creamy dark chocolate.

Coffee N Cream Bark - Organic coffee beans crushed up and mixed with premium white chocolate.

Tart Cherry Dark Chocolate Bark - Tart dried cherries enveloped in premium dark chocolate.

Coffee Dark Chocolate Bark - Organic coffee beans crushed up and mixed into premium dark chocolate.

Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark - Roasted and salted pistachios nestled in premium dark chocolate.

Scratch Made Marshmallows n' Chocolate - Soft and flavored with real vanilla, these marshmallows are made from scratch with all-natural ingredients and then dipped in creamy milk chocolate.

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