Where did the name Rock Bottom come from? May 07 2020

 Where did the name Rock Bottom come from?


This big adventure actually comes from a very humble beginning.  It all started with a little farm, in London, Kentucky,  and a childhood dream of having horses. The farm we purchased  was a bit rough needing everything, ranging from basics like a road and fencing, to bigger projects such as a barn and a home of our own.  Being  young and a bit naive, we had very little idea of all that this piece of land had in store for us. But the work began, and between the initial purchase of the farm and the materials needed for all of our projects, our savings began to dwindle.  As we began our first necessary project, trying to complete the fencing, we hit rock while digging. As you can imagine, this undeniably complicated things. Secondly, as we started to dig the fountain for our home, yes, we hit rock again. At this point, it didn’t come as a great surprise when during our final venture, setting the poles for our barn, we hit rock once more. This farm had taken us to “rock bottom” both financially and literally. We had nowhere to go but up!!  But you could definitely say it was  a rocky start to our grand adventure and that forced us to learn some crucial lessons along the way.

We made it on TV!!! April 27 2018

We made it on TV!!

We made it on TV!!! April 27 2018

We made it on TV!!

Kentucky Crafted: The Market 2017 February 02 2017

We are extremely excited to have been accepted into the Kentucky Crafted program.  We be set up at the Market for the first time this year.  Please make plans to join us.  There will be lots of cools things to see and purchase.

Tour Video of our process by Kentucky Proud October 28 2015

Just copy this like to your browser to view the video.

We were so excited to have this experience.  It is was an adventure to film this.  I hope this gives you all a idea of what we do.  We love every minute of it. 

Kentucky Proud!! November 22 2014

The Kentucky Proud staff has been wonderful to help us grown our small mom and pop business.  Check out this article they wrote about us.


Our Farm made the Paper!!! August 08 2014


Our local paper came out to our farm for a series of article they were writing on "young" farmers.  It turned out great please check it out!!!

Berea Craft Fair July 16 2014

We had a wonderful weekend at the Berea Craft Fair.  Great neighbors, great weather and fantastic customers.  Looking forward to our next soap outing, Shaker Village Craft Fair the first weekend in August.  Hope to see you there.

New Product!!! Goat Milk Lotion May 18 2014


Goat Milk Lotion, this is a very creamy long lasting lotion in a  convenient pump bottle.  This is soon to be your favorite go to lotion.  Great to have on your desk at work to keep you hands soft and smooth.  $12 for 8oz pump bottle.

Art in the Park Versailles KY May 18 2014

We are gearing up for our first art fair of the year.  We are hoping for good weather.  This is in a beautiful setting and is one of my favorite of the year.  For more information please see the following link.



Appalachia Kentucky Proud February 19 2014

Kentucky Department of Agriculture release a new campain, Appalachia Kentucky Proud.  We where mentioned in the action plan, on page 19 if you would like to check it out.  It is a small thing but small thing mean the world to a small business.  Thanks Department of Agriculture!!


Busy Restocking January 11 2014

Hello All,

We had an amazing Christmas season!!! We have been busy working on new fun spring products and replenishing our core line of scents and products.  One of our new spring scents will be Lilac. Check it out.  More to come soon.

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